Marked Interest for the Voi Construction

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Interest in purchasing bricks for the planned information and education center in Voi has been high. It has surpassed our expectations. The Duplo bricks have sold a total of 42 000 kronor so far..

The money raised at various events is as follows:
Saturday 17 September – 15 000 kronor
(including the after-event sales by Janne)
Girls’ Night Out 29 September – 10 000 kronor
Saturday 1 October – 17 000 kronor
The next chance to buy or sell bricks will be on October 29. Sign-up now if you would like to help.

-Selling is a lot of fun, said Christer Andersson, one of the volunteers helping out.

It will be even more fun for our small friends in Voi when the first house is built on the farm – and they will be able to play with a bunch of Duplo pieces as well!

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