New Landmark in Voi

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The water tower that has been built on the farm can be seen all the way from the main road. Today, the plumbers have been working to connect the water system together. Three water tanks, each holding about 24,000 liters, were lifted into place with the help of a crane last Friday.

The top of the tower holds two water tanks with a storage size of 10,000 liters each. There are two generous storage areas at the very bottom, and between the two is a “room with a view”. A lovely location for a little coffee break in the future – all with a view overlooking the farm and surrounding area!

When the plumbers are finished, the tanks will be filled with water (brought in with water trucks) and when everything is set, the tanks will be buried and covered over.

Yesterday, we were in the village of Kisemenyi during worship service. Carlos, who received a prosthetic leg a few years ago, was there without crutches!

We also visited the homes of three children who are in the program. The children are siblings who live with their uncle and his wife outside of Maungo village. The couple have two children of their own – and have adopted four more children from relatives.

Two adults and nine more children also live in the house. The home is close to collapse and the dad currently has a temporary job. Due to the drought, the harvest has been poor for several years. They need our help, and extra flour and shortening was supplied during our visit.

Today, personnel from Tingsholmsgymnasiet have visited several businesses that may be able to provide intership positions for students at the school. They have visited a store, a car repair shop and a clinic. More visits are scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday. Very fruitful.

The trip to Voi went well overall – and it feels like we’ve been able to do so much already. And there’s even more to come!

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