All Is Calm In Voi

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Because we’ve received a few worried sms messages, we wanted to let you know that everything is calm in Voi. The recent incidents that took place in Nairobi are not affecting our trip. They have also been happening in places not commonly visited by Westerners.

Those I’ve spoken with also say that it’s not a question of terrorism, but of criminals acting individually.

In Voi, the program is going as planned. Today Jan-Åke spoke with Lydia about new developments. Topics included the number of children in the program. Fourteen new children are now in the program (a total of 40 children currently), as well as Lydia’s plans to begin evening studies next January.

The group from Tingsholm high school has completed another study visit to find suitable internship positions for their students. Today they visited the Kenya Wildlife Educational Centre and the Voi Safari Lodge. It wasn’t just an interesting visit for the group, but also an opportunity to see several wild animals in the park – including elephants and lions up close.

(The photo above is from yesterday’s visit to the laboratory in the clinic).

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