Water Tanks!

Posted on 08/03/11 in Lydia, No Comments

We have finished connecting the pipes from the central connection point to the farm. Now we have started digging a big hole where the underground tanks will be placed. we will have 2 underground tanks, which each holds 24,000 litres of water. Then we will have 2 water tanks, which each holds 10,000 liters of water on a tower. with these water storage tanks the water will be enough for any use in the future development of the farm.

This is the hole that 24,000 liters tanks will be buried and the depth will be 9 meters!

These are the 24,000 liters tanks and we used 10 people to remove a tank from the car.

As the work of digging the hole and slabbing is progessing to bury the tanks, we have also start the process of building the water tower which will hold 10 liters tanks.

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