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The entire webpage in English

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The Voiproject’s entire website (except the blog) is now translated into English. Many thanks to Sara West in Houston, Texas who did a fantastic job, and Johan Thorell in Stockholm, Sweden, who made ​​it technically possible. Hopefully we can continue to update new pages in both languages. The start page will for technical reasons remain […]

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Water Tower

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The construction of water tower is going on…… Builders holding iron rods, tower is 5 meters depth below the ground. This is to make it stable and strong!

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A Smile…

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Two weeks ago I wrote about the drought and starvation facing us now, thanks that we have receive more food and we have already given all Orphans and Home based cares and the Bogesunds family have also benefited from this allocation, it’s great to see a smile in their faces and knowing there is something […]

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Work on the Farm

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The water connection to the farm is now in place. And the work of setting up two large water tanks is underway. Once the tanks are finished, the water towers will be built. Offerings for this task are being collected. Here are pictures from Manase that were taken yesterday and today.

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Water Tanks!

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We have finished connecting the pipes from the central connection point to the farm. Now we have started digging a big hole where the underground tanks will be placed. we will have 2 underground tanks, which each holds 24,000 litres of water. Then we will have 2 water tanks, which each holds 10,000 liters of […]

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