Municipality Exchange with Voi

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Ulricehamn Municipality has earmarked a quarter million kronor in funds to study the possibilities of a municipal knowledge and experience exchange. It can be seen as a continuation – or a restart – of the exchange from a few years back. Little happened after that exchange, for several reasons.

The ideas is that four leading officials and politicians from both municipalities will be visiting one another.

Tingsholmsgymnasiet, the local high school, has also received funds to study the possibility of creating apprentice placements in Voi for their students. Two principals and two teachers will travel to Voi in the Autumn months to see what type of possibilities are available in the city. They will also contact different businesses where students might be placed for a short time.

These are two projects that are not directly related to the Voi project. At the same time, they would have never developed without the contacts and exchange experience already established through the Voi Project. A ripple effect, you could say, which leads to more knowledge and understanding of another culture – and hopefully help for people who need it too.

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