Bad news regarding water

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The new geological survey has shown no ground on the farm in Voi – but 15feet off the lot.

Now we have asked a geologist in Sweden to analyze the report and make suggestions on how to proceed. Two studies showing different results are somewhat confusing. The question is whether we should go for a secondgeological survey to find out what is what. We must await analysis.

Meanwhile, we investigate the possibility of buying the piece of land locatedadjacent to the farm in order to drill for water there.

Because there are deep wells drilled in the surroundings of the farm, including at a Catholic clinic about 500 meters from the farm, we have notgiven up hope of getting water even on the farm. The financing of a newdrilling’s also clear, partly due to the contribution of Rotary, and the association Bogesundsskolan Gärdhem Secondhand in Dalsjöfors, andindividual donors.

The point is that we will solve the water issue. It is essential for thedevelopment of the farm.

While it is important to note that efforts to design and fund the expansion ofthe farm to a field of study and development center, will continue as planned.A project has recently been appointed and started work on this. (2010-12-16)

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